Cassava, Yucca, Manioc


Cassava, Plants have been used for food

for thousands of years, the leaves can be

cooked for greens, and are a good source

of vitamins and protein , The root is  used

like Potato, Yam, or Taro root, -it is

especially good when added to soups and









Cassava root has a nice mild

buttery flavor.  Cassava root can also be

made into flour and Tapioca , casabe

bread is made from the flour.

It takes at least 9 months to get a good

root crop,[ you can harvest some smaller

roots before that] but the leaves can be

harvested much earlier than that.  If you

have several plants the leaves can be

harvested to make a meal in two to three

months after planting, [don’t take more

than 50% of the leaves/ month]

Manihot esculenta 'Variegata' 1

Cassava can make a nice looking edible

ornamental plant.

Note-Cassava is always cooked before eating, because

the raw plant contains some toxins that are destroyed

by cooking [for the same reason you always cook

Lima Beans]