Raising Snails and Fish will provide meat [protein]
to complete your dietary needs.
Why aquatic snails,? -they wont escape and eat
all of your vegetables.[and the tank also holds
Tilapia] a great tasting fish that is an herbivore.

This is a full grown Apple Snail, -about the size of a

Apple Snails can breathe under water, [with gills] ,or
can breathe air with a lung. [like us humans

–They can multiply to great numbers quickly, and
not overpopulate their tank, and run out of oxygen
in the water.[this is the problem with too many fish
in a tank] -they also grow fast if they get enough to

Above is a picture of the eggs, they produce a lot of
them, so you can have a lot of snails quickly.
This is how it works, – I grow Water Hyacinth in the
tank, and it grows so fast that it will keep the snails
fed, I also toss in some of the weeds from the garden,
and plant scraps, [like old Taro leaves]- but not too
many for them to eat in 2 days. The Picture above is
after the summer [Oct 14]  and there is still lots of
food for the snails, The Tilapia below, are eating
floating fish food, this helps them grow faster, but is
not necessary, they can grow and live just fine from
the algae and other things in the tank.[as long as you
don’t have too many fish in the tank]
The primary crop in the tank is Snails [Escargot] they can
reach enormous densities and not have problems in the
tank, The fish will die from too little oxygen in the water if
there is too many in the tank.
I have had as many as 250 lbs of fish and 400 lbs of
snails in a 10’x’10 – x’3 deep tank, it had a 1/8 inch stream
of water going into the tank at 40 psi, shooting down into
the water to oxygenate the water, and the overflow
watered a vegetable grow bed, [look up barrelponics they
have great systems] mine is a little different.
The problem came when the power went out at night and I
did not know it, –I lost almost 200 pounds of fish, but all
the snails were fine, -with 50 pounds, or less of fish
[Tilapia] I can have a power outage and not loose any
fish. This system can maintain its self indefinitely with just
the Water Hyacinth, but works a little better if the snails
get a little different food from the garden sometimes.   –It
is possible to raise all your own food in a small place,
and be self sufficient, -especially if you like Escargot.

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