Taro Plants

TaroSep10 010Taro, [Kalo, Zuiki, luau] has been used for
food for thousands of years, it is very
nutritious and better for you than eating
most of the things “normal people” eat.
It is considered a sacred food to many
people. A combination of the greens and
the corm with a little meat will make a
complete meal, and sustain life
indefinitely, as a survival food.
Taro is the source of Poi an Island food
made from cooked ground Taro corm
[root].  Taro corm can be cooked any
way that Potato can be cooked.
The Leaf must be cooked for at least 15
min. with salt in the water to get rid of
the itch, caused by calcium crystals.Two
tablespoons of salt,- to a gallon of
cooking water is enough.

I have several varieties of Taro, all are
good to eat, some are better , and some
are easier to grow.
I will start with the best eating and
easiest to grow with this list.
Kai Kea, Bunn Long, Kakakura ula ula,
Iliuaua, Pii Alii, Aweu, Pololu, Piko
Keokeo, –and about a dozen others that
are either not ready to share or un-
If you order plants- you will get a
growing plant about six to 10 inches tall,
these need to be planted in wet well
drained soil.