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Photo Credit: Carol Cloud Bailey Suggested cutline: Chaya is a popular vegetable in Mexico and Central America. The plant is now found in Florida and Texas where it may have naturalized in some locations. The young leaves and tender stem tips must be well cooked before consumption to destroy toxic components. Chaya is a cousin of the popular Jatropha and also functions as a lovely, drought tolerant, butterfly attracting plant for tropical landscapes.

Chaya, [Cnidoscolus Chayamansa] , Tree Spinach

Chaya has been refered to as an ideal food, and medicine, -it has more nutrition than Alfalfa, or Spinach. Chaya tastes good and is a little sweet when eaten raw, if cooked it is a good Spinach substitute.

According to the National Institute of Nutrition in Mexico City, -eating Chaya will have these benefits, –Improve blood circulation






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